Maximizing Your Work Day

Maximizing your work day

As an entrepreneur or small business owner we are often excited about all the things we are trying to accomplish. We spend a lot of our time working on and working in our businesses. Goals everywhere…right? While it’s great to be so excited, oftentimes this can lead to trying to do too many things at once. Have you ever spent your entire day working and look around at the end of the day wondering “What have I accomplished today?” 

Below, you will find a few tips for getting the most out of your work day and your very valuable time.

1. Goal Setting:

We all know we need goals, right? Whatever they may be, be sure they are very clear, specific and attainable. What do you wish to accomplish? The best way to do this is to take time to make measurable goals that are easy to articulate. For example: “In 2022 I want to increase revenue by $30,000;” “I want 10 more monthly retainer clients;” “I want to delegate 10 hours of work per week to an assistant.” Having your goals laid out will help greatly with your day-to-day focus. 

2. Plan:

Take your goals and create a plan of execution. What steps will you need to take to increase revenue or gain more clients? Write those down. What steps will you need to take to hire an assistant? Write those down. If your goal is to increase revenue by $30,000, identify five or six activities to support that objective. This might include raising your rates, engaging in more networking events, consistently writing and publishing a newsletter, being more active on social media. Do this for all your goals, and now you have your to-do list. If you are looking for tips on hiring an assistant, you can find the newsletter all about delegation here.

Bonus Tip ~ Schedule times throughout the year to revisit your goals and make any adjustments needed. As our businesses grow and change, so will our goals.

3. Focus:

Take your big goals and choose which pieces you wish to focus on now, next and later. Perhaps you wish to focus on multiple goals at once. It’s certainly not an impossible endeavor, but will require planning for proper execution and ultimately success. 

4. Prioritize:

Now that you have your focus steps in place, it’s time to do the work! Take a few minutes each morning to prioritize your day. Schedule your time to meet not only your client’s and staff’s needs, but ensure there is time each day to work toward your goals. Have clear action steps you need to take each day to reach your goals. Make sure they are somewhere you can easily access them throughout the day. Notepad, Google calendar, or any platform you prefer. One of my most favorite things is marking a task complete on my calendar! 

5. Track:

As you do the work, keep track of the steps you are taking, along with the progress you are making. You can use a spreadsheet, notebook, or whatever method works best for you. Keeping track of your steps will not only help you stay goal oriented, but will help show you what may or may not be working. Make any adjustments to the plan as needed and keep the momentum. 

Bonus Tip ~ As business owners, oftentimes we spread ourselves too thin trying to do all the things. Sometimes you just have to say no. If you are asked to do something that doesn’t align with your business and your goals, it is ok to say no. Your time is one of your most valuable assets and should be treated as such.

Following these steps will help you know where you are and know where you are going in your business. Overall, will help you maximize your work day! You will feel more focused and have highly productive work days. And who doesn’t love that wonderful feeling of accomplishment?!

maximizing your workday