Business Check In: Be Your Own Detective

Owning and operating your own business requires having many different processes and procedures in place. In addition, you are likely in charge of all your outward facing marketing avenues such as your social media profiles and website. 

We work hard to get those processes and procedures, social profiles and websites up and running. It’s like a breath of relief once those items are checked off that to do list. However, as your business grows and evolves, it is important to take a look at all of the pieces from time to time to make sure everything is current, relevant and continuing to work for your business.

Below you will find a few areas you want to make sure are on your business check in list.

1. Subscriptions ~ Take a look at all of your software subscriptions, paid group memberships, etc. Check your bank statement for all items that are automatically paid each month. As you work through those items, ask yourself if you are still utilizing that software or membership. Have you stopped using it and found a better replacement? Cancel anything that you no longer use.

2. Resources ~ Take a good look at any materials you have set up for recurring use. This could include newsletter templates, presentations, email templates or any other documents. It is easy to overlook mistakes or misinformation on items we use automatically multiple times. 

3.  Marketing ~ Check all your marketing materials, both print and electronic. Take a look at all of your social media profiles. Is everything current? Are your photos up to date? Are any changes you have made to your business accurately reflected? Also include your Google my business page and website in this step.

4. Automation ~ Automating any process or procedure for your business is an excellent time saver. However it is important to keep a check on anything that is automated and sent to your network of current or potential clients. Pay particular attention to materials that have been in place for awhile. Make sure all information is correct and reflective of your business now versus when the process was created. 

5. Outsourcing ~ Check anything that is outsourced. While you may not be familiar with the actual process, be sure to pay attention to the finished product. Does it meet your standard and goals? Is it accomplishing what it is supposed to? If you are unsure, check with the provider to get a better understanding of what and how things work. While outsourcing is an excellent way to get those things done that you do not have the time or desire to complete, it is imperative to be fully aware of the end results. 

Taking time to do a business check in for these areas will help ensure everything being presented to your audience is up to date and properly reflective of your business.