Tackling The Big Projects

tackling the big projects

Do you have a big idea or big project sitting on the back burner waiting for implementation? Do you want to build or update your website, begin an email newsletter campaign, create an E-book to sell, or start a podcast? There are always so many other tasks to do, but you know your idea will help your business grow. Yet, you just can’t find the time to get it started, much less completed. Below you will find some tips on not only getting that project started, but seeing it to the finish line. These few tips can help you get started tackling these big projects!

1. Big Picture

First, you can start with the big idea and outline the steps needed to complete the project. Oftentimes, the stall on moving forward on a big project or idea stems from the misconception that it will be too difficult, confusing, or expensive. Then, once you have the big picture outline in front of you, it may no longer seem like such a large undertaking. 

2. What, How, & Who

From your outline, begin to build on the steps. This is your plan of attack! Additionally, you can make a list of what the step entails, how to complete it, and who is best suited to get that done. While we may know many things, we may not know all the things. There are times that tagging in someone with expertise in a certain area will be more beneficial than trying to learn or attempting to do something we aren’t well versed in. 

3. Details

At this point, begin to set to-do’s and timelines for the tasks you need to complete to get the project going. Enhance on the steps listed out in the outline, breaking everything down into a step-by-step procedure. Also, details are very important here. Be as specific as you can on what exactly needs to be done, along with the anticipated date of completion.

4. Implementation

Add the tasks to your calendar. Set up meetings/calls with anyone who you may be looking to for assistance. In this step, the work begins and proceeds through completion. Be mindful that, as with most things in our businesses, everything is often evolving and changing. You may not have all the answers in the beginning, but you can make changes and improvements as you go along. 

5. Patience

Additionally, it is significant to have patience when tackling these big projects. Be realistic with your goals of completion. You will most likely still have your day-to-day work to complete. This means the big project work will need to be worked into your day or delegated to others. Be generous with your timelines and deadlines. This will help prevent frustration as the project moves along, and prevent any “giving up” thoughts.

Usually, the hardest part of any big project is just getting started, but following these steps should help move things along, and get you to the best part….project complete!

tackling the big projects