Working With A Virtual Assistant

working with a virtual assistant

As a small business owner, there are many tasks that you know you can do yourself. So you attempt to do it all. As you may know, there are many times your to-do list runs longer than the hours in the day you have to complete it. You may find yourself working many more hours than you would like just trying to keep up. It may feel as if your business runs you versus you running your business. While wearing all the hats may seem like a solid plan, there may be tasks or projects you can delegate to a virtual assistant! 

Below, you will find the benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant, along with a few examples of tasks you can start delegating today to free up more of your time!

1. Works as a Freelancer

Hiring a Virtual Assistant who works as a freelancer will eliminate many of the overhead costs associated with having employees. No payroll or subsequent employee related taxes, no payment of any type of benefits, no PTO, no paid breaks. In addition, a VA works remotely, which means they cover the costs of their office equipment and supplies. 

2. Only Pay for Time Worked

You delegate the projects and tasks you choose as needed, your assistant completes the work as agreed upon, and that’s what you pay for. Nothing more than the time needed to complete the work. Certainly not an 8-hour work day, 40 hour work week regardless of the workload. 

3. Increases Productivity

There may be tasks that are eating away at your time throughout the day. Or tasks you are spending more time trying to figure out how to do rather than actually getting anything done. You find yourself asking at the end of the workday, “What did I accomplish today?”, all while knowing there is still so much to do. By delegating those time-consuming or unfamiliar tasks to your assistant, you give yourself the gift of more time. So you have a productive assistant completing work for your company, and your productivity is increased as well. 

4. Saves Time and Money

Time is money, we as small business owners know this all too well! When you hire an assistant, you are investing in your business. While the assistant you hire is perhaps handling the back office processes of your business (or whatever tasks you choose to delegate), you can place your focus on lead generation, growing your business and ultimately increasing your profit margin. 

5. Examples of Tasks to Outsource

All Virtual Assistants offer or specialize in varying services. They may offer administrative, marketing, finance or HR services. When working with a virtual assistant, a few tasks you could outsource would be data entry, invoicing, payroll processing, email newsletter marketing, client management processes, website design/updates, or bookkeeping services. 

If reading this newsletter makes you think hiring an assistant would benefit you, I would encourage you to put together a list of tasks that you spend most of your time on daily. Also, include any tasks that simply aren’t getting done at all, and any special projects you have sitting on the back burner. From this list, figure out which tasks require your direct touch. Additionally, anything that doesn’t can be delegated out to a Virtual Assistant. Take that list and reach out to a VA to get the ball rolling on freeing up your time!

working with a virtual assistant