How To: Email Signatures

email signatures

As small business owners, we spend a lot of our time in our inbox. Email has become a primary line of communication in the business world. Therefore, sending and receiving emails is a big part of our day to day. Each time you compose an email and hit send, you have the opportunity to market your business with your signature line. The best part is creating email signatures is that this is a one and done task, unless something changes of course. So, if you aren’t already taking advantage of this, take a few minutes to set up your signature. 

1. Written Name

One important aspect to email signatures is that you can have a “written” name for a more personal touch. A great site to use is Simply type in your name and choose the written version you like best. Download and add it to your signature line. You can then type out your name and title below this.

2. Website Address

Add the URL of your website, and make sure it is an active, clickable link. Make it as easy as possible for someone to learn more about your business and what you have to offer. 

3. Calendar

Do you have a calendar available for current or potential clients to book time with you? Include this in your signature line. You can create a button at Da Button Factory, You can customize the color, shape, and font. Download and add it to your signature, with a link to your calendar or booking page on your website. Super easy to use and best of all it’s free!

4. Socials

Are you active on social media? Let everyone know where to find your business by adding social media links to your signature. A quick Google search will help you find icons for each social platform, or you can find them in Canva. Download the icon you prefer and add them to your signature. Remember to link each one to the appropriate platform. 

5. Logo

You most likely worked hard to design your logo or paid money for someone else to. Show it off with each email you send. Insert the logo into your signature, and add a link to your website. While you already have your website in the signature, you can never have too many options for someone to quickly access your site. 

Bonus Tip ~ Use your brand colors in your signature line. Not only will the colors stand out from the traditional black, but doing this will keep your custom email signature brand consistent. If someone navigates from your signature line to your website, they will be able to clearly see your brand in both places. 

email signatures