Why Use An Online Appointment Scheduler

online appointment scheduler

Have you thought you may need an online appointment scheduler for your business? Do you spend much of your day attempting to schedule appointments with your clients or potential clients? Are you sending emails back and forth trying to find a time that works for both parties? Making and missing phone calls? There is a better way. Below you will find the benefits of having an online appointment scheduler for your business.

Six Benefits of an Online Scheduler

Convenience ~ Most people have a busy schedule. They may not be able to get a call in to you during your regular business hours. With your calendar available online, customers can see your availability and schedule their time with you when it’s convenient for them. 

Time Saver ~ Setting up an online scheduling system will save you time. It will greatly reduce the back and forth emails, calls, or texts with clients or potential clients attempting to book time with you. 

Availability ~ You can set your standard availability for appointments, your “regular” office hours. You will also have the option to block off time or adjust your availability as needed. Have a dentist appointment on a Wednesday afternoon? You can simply block that time off to ensure no one schedules time with you. 

Appointment Types ~ You can customize the type of appointments based on your business needs. Do you have different types of appointments available for potential clients versus current clients? You can add these as options which will also make scheduling easier. 

Calendar Sync ~ The scheduling software will sync with your primary calendar so you are easily able to view what your day looks like in one place. You can also make adjustments from your primary calendar, like blocking off time, to your scheduling software.

Integrations ~ One of the biggest benefits is integrating your platforms for seamless automation. Integration options may include your accounting/invoicing, email marketing, analytics, CRM, social media, video conferencing and payment platforms. There are so many options here to choose from to make the software work best for you and your business needs. 

With a little work on the front end with the setup of the software, the payoff will be worth it. While offering online scheduling may not be the best option for all potential and current clients, many will appreciate having the option. You will still have to “manually” schedule some appointments, but that number should be greatly reduced and you will be giving yourself the gift of time saved. Always a win!

online appointment scheduler