Utilizing Free Google Tools

utilizing free google tools

As a small business owner, having your finger on the pulse of your marketing strategy is essential for growth. There are many tools, both free and paid, to help you develop a plan, see what’s working and find areas for improvement. Did you know, there are around 3.5 billion Google searches every day, and almost half of these searches are for local businesses? When we have a need for a service or product, Google is often our first option to “find” what we are looking for.

So how do we help Google help us? Google offers several useful and free tools to help business owners know more about how your marketing plan is working. Tools such as Google Business Profile, Google Analytics and Google Search Console can truly help you increase your organic reach! Let’s explore how to get the maximum benefit from these tools.

Google Business Profile:

Google Business Profile (formally Google My Business) is a tool that allows small business owners to manage your online presence. The first step is claiming your business profile. From there you can add essential information for potential customers to see when searching for the product or service your business offers. Adding your address (if you have a storefront), operating hours, website address and phone or contact information allows potential clients to know what to expect and to be able to quickly get in touch.

Brand your profile with your logo and business photos. Add your products and services. Post updates regularly to share new products or services, exciting business news, blog posts or anything that you want your audience to know about your business. Don’t forget to ask for a Google review from all of your clients. Develop a process for this to make it seamless, and respond promptly to any reviews your receive. A 5 star rating can really help you stand out from your competition!

Google Analytics:

Google analytics offers reporting that measures many key aspects of the traffic to your site. It can help you see important visitor information, like how people are interacting with your site, which allows you to better understand how well your site and marketing strategy is working. This information is vital to growing and scaling a business.

Some features of Google Analytics are Audience Overview, Even tracking, Custom Reports, and much more. These allow you to monitor what your customers click on, what they’re interested in, and how often your business is being searched and visited. Aspects such as these are significant to consider when utilizing free google tools. 

Google Analytics not only provides information on how your business is performing overall, it also lets you see what aspects of your marketing works. This means you are able to better understand your target audience and present and market your business how you need to. 

utilizing free google tools

Google Search Console:

Lastly, Google Search Console is an analytical tool that allows you to monitor and maintain your website’s presence in Google Search results. While you don’t have to be signed up for this tool to be on Google search, it offers numerous features that can be crucial for small business owners. 

By utilizing this free google tool, you are able to confirm Google can locate your site, optimize your content, be alerted when there are issues with your website, and much more. These tools ensure that your website is easily navigable and that your content is reliable for your customer base. 

These tools are not only indispensable, but they are also FREE. This allows you to have all of these features at your fingertips. Utilizing free Google tools gives you access to features to build your business image, review how your business is doing, and see how your website and online content are searched and viewed. 

Remember when a potential client is searching for your products or services, what they see on Goggle is often their first impression of your business. Make it stand out!