how to: onboarding new clients

How To: Onboarding New Clients

Onboarding your new clients is an important aspect to your business processes. Adding new clients are always a good thing. Right? Of course, that’s a yes! Adding clientele means your business is growing. You want to welcome those new clients to your company with a polished, professional process. Their perception of you and your business […]

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Year-end wrap up

Year End Wrap Up

A year-end wrap up is a great time to look at what has worked well for your business, meanwhile noting any areas that could use improvement. As the close of the year approaches, and we begin looking ahead to the start of a new one, here are a few areas to add to your list

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how to: inbox organization

How To: Inbox Organization

Do you dread opening your inbox each day? Is it out of control, and you just don’t know how to get a handle on it? Well, you are not alone regarding your inbox organization. Email is one of the primary forms of communication in today’s business world, and as such, we tend to send and

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how to: email signatures

How To: Email Signatures

As small business owners, we spend a lot of our time in our inbox. Email has become a primary line of communication in the business world. Therefore, sending and receiving emails is a big part of our day to day. Each time you compose an email and hit send, you have the opportunity to market

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tackling the big projects

Tackling The Big Projects

Do you have a big idea or big project sitting on the back burner waiting for implementation? Do you want to build or update your website, begin an email newsletter campaign, create an E-book to sell, or start a podcast? There are always so many other tasks to do, but you know your idea will

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how to: email newsletters

How To: Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are an excellent way to stay in front of your target audience. Publishing a newsletter should be considered an important piece of your marketing plan. However, it’s equally important to keep in mind this is a more informative, less sales based piece of writing. Fill your newsletter with tips, tricks, and information that

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