calendars: sorting out the mess

Calendars: Sorting Out The Mess

These days, having your calendar available electronically is almost a requirement. Most of us are so busy with both our professional and personal lives, keeping track in order to keep up with all the things to do is essential. I have always been a pencil and paper calendar (and lots of sticky notes) kind of […]

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maximizing your workday

Maximizing Your Work Day

As an entrepreneur or small business owner we are often excited about all the things we are trying to accomplish. We spend a lot of our time working on and working in our businesses. Goals everywhere…right? While it’s great to be so excited, oftentimes this can lead to trying to do too many things at

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how to delegate effectively

How To Delegate Effectively

You know you need assistance. You know you have too much on your plate. But that “do it myself” mentality is there with the voices saying, “It will take too long to train someone”, “They can’t do it like me”, “It will just be easier if I do it myself”. Sound familiar? Ask yourself if completing

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